CapCut Apk Download - Powerfull Video Editing App for Android

Here you can download the original CapCut APK for free.

CapCut is a video editing app that lets you easily create and edit videos on your phone. It offers cool features like trimming, adding text, and adjusting speed, it's perfect for beginners. You can get creative with advanced tools like animation and special effects. CapCut has smart features like auto-captions and background removal. Plus, you can share your awesome videos on social media with just a click.

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CapCut APK features

Here are the list of key features of the CapCut app:

Basic Video Editing: CapCut makes video editing easy and enjoyable by offering all the necessary tools and features required. It can trim, split, short, and change video speed from 0.1x to 100x with ease. Additionally it provides useful features like zoom in/out, freeze, and wide range of transitions to overall enhance the video quality. Users can elevate their video visuals by adding captivating effects and accurate keyframe animation.

Advanced Video Editing: With CapCut users can create smooth slow-motion using optical flow and speed curve tools. Chroma key functionality enables the removal of specific colors from videos. The multi-track timeline and stabilizing feature provide flexibility and stability for video editing.

Intelligent Features: CapCut includes auto captions for automated speech recognition and subtitles. Users can apply text-to-speech in multiple languages and voices. The background removal feature ensures a clean and polished video look.

Text & Stickers: CapCut allows Adding text to videos with different fonts and styles. Subtitles can be easily added into the timeline, allowing for convenient adjustment and movement.

Music & Sound Effects: CapCut provides an extensive library of millions of music clips and sound effects to enhance video quality. The app also allows users to extract audio, clips, and recordings directly from their videos.

Trending Effects & Filters: CapCut provides regular updates for filters, matching video content with the latest styles. Users can edit videos using popular effects like Glitch, Blur, and 3D. Additionally, You can also tweak brightness and contrast for that perfect look.

Easy to Share: CapCut ensures easy sharing by offering customizable video export resolutions, supporting 4K 60fps exports and smart HDR. Users can adjust the format and seamlessly share their creations on various social media platforms.

Manage files on Cloud Storage: Enabling cloud storage makes it easy to backup and store various video and audio formats. Users can choose to upgrade their plans for extra storage space based on their needs.

To enjoy all this amazing video editing features you can download CapCut apk from download button above.